Bridge Radio 98.7fm

Bridge Radio is an Independent Commercial Radio station located in the heart of Asaba, Delta State and focused on unifying a community of shared interests with radio programming that responds to the promotion of commercial, social and community challenges and the issues that concern our listeners most, using Information, Dialogue and Analysis.

Connecting may voices...

Brand Story

The everyday life of the average resident in Asaba and Onitsha is engulfed by the monotony of daily economic activities. Although differing in many ways, both cities are connected not just by the famous Onitsha head-bridge – with its agonizing traffic jam that occurs frequently – but similarities in language, culture and trade relations.

There is a rich mix of the upwardly mobile, the business men, the students, the public office holders, the corporate clan and the natives whose voices yearn for expression as they contend with various social, economic and community issues.

These are the voices we connect.

Bridge Radio 98.7FM is designed specifically to connect many voices; to be a change agent and partner for all people seeking opportunities to engage the power of their voices in transforming their current realities and live their best, unbridled life every day.

We are dedicated to creating memorable and thought-provoking conversations interspersed with contemporary music.

Our Listeners

18 -25

The cool kids, fun-seeking, very lively and ambitious seeking opportunities for self-actualization and taking their destinies into their hands.

25 – 35

Taking the bull by the horn and straddling the opportunities in the labour market, business, civil service and politics with no apologies. Fighting to achieve their dreams every day.

35 & Above

We call these young at heart, flourishing whilst not resting on their laurels are constantly building a legacy and contributing to the community.


We can be heard in the nook and crannies of Asaba and Onitsha blaring from stereos in tricycles, taxis, banking halls and petrol filling stations in these cities underscoring our market penetration and listener preference. Our broadcast technology allows our signals be received in various states such as Delta, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Rivers States.